The Event

Amazon Pay Conference

AMAZON PAY - The connected commerce 

Our approach to the presentation will be to showcase Amazon’s endeavor to simplify life for customers by focusing on innovations that help Amazon deliver this promise. The underlying principle to our innovative or everyday solutions is our obsession with customers. We always keep customer at the core of every innovation we deliver and “work backwards from the customer”. As a result of this process, we have launched customer obsessed solutions that became wins for Amazon: AWS, FBA and of course - Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay was launched with the same focus of simplifying the shopping experience of customers. 

Further in the presentation we will highlight some key trends of todays connected consumer and key consumer insights in payments. Who is this connected consumer and how are their shopping preference changing today? We answer this in the next section of our presentation and also showcase how Amazon and Amazon Pay are solving for the ever changing needs of this connected consumer in this fast changing dynamic world with our key innovations. 

Giulio Montemagno, Directeur - GM Amazon Pay EU

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12/14 March 2024 Monaco