POLARISED ! A contradictory but sustainable ecommerce!

Our market is polarised in two different ways, and the good news is... it is good news.

After two extraordinary years for e-commerce, the market must now adapt in an increasingly uncertain and complex world where agility must be even more central to our organisations. Ecommerce is polarised in the sense of being non-linear and contradictory, which is a huge asset.

It is also more concentrated than ever. It's obvious, the customer must come first, collaboration must be the preferred means above all others, and CSR is a prerequisite. It's not just talk anymore. The market is polarised because it is experiencing a global and focus movement for a responsible ecommerce.

For the past 12 years, One to One Retail E-commerce Monaco has been the place and time to answer your immediate needs (your business) and anticipate your future problems (your strategies). During this 12th edition, we "scratched the surface", identified why the market is polarised in order to fully comprehend its business angles and CSR issues. In 2023, we offered to accept our contradictions and focus on what we are already doing well, let's be Polorised!

So, how was this One to One Retail Ecommerce ?

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One to One, le Live !

On September 3, a new format emerged to fill you up on ideas and be inspired for a successful start begining of school year, to interact with the major players in the sector and to reconnect with the community!

Facing crisis
E-plenary 100% Retail, 2020

Discover the e-plenary! These sessions are all opportunities to bring together major retailers and market experts, as we usually do on site. (French Only)


The Editorial Board

A program carefully drawn up by e-commerce professionals in France

The best experts in the sector define the themes of the 2022 edition conferences.

This year the Editorial board includes :

12/14 March 2024 Monaco