One to One, le Live

The new One to One experience! 

On September 3, you were more than 700 to follow the exclusive program of plenaries, keynotes and customer cases that we have propone. Karine Vergniol and Frédéric Simottel, the great journalists of our partnership with BFM Business, accompanied us all day long for a unique and rich program!
You were 75% to interact with yourselves and with the speakers, these many exchanges show once again how much the community needed to come together and share this new business season.

For these 8 hours of live, we welcomed the cream of the retail / e-commerce bosses: Ian Rogers, CDO of LVMH, made us the honor of sponsoring this first edition, Dalenys - through the voice of Guillaume Djoubartchi (CMO of Dalenys & Natixis Payments) - trusted us by choosing to be fully associated with this special day, we warmly thank them! Google and Pinterest, key actors of the market, were here for exclusive interventions and set the place for an expected relaunch of the market. Avis Vérifiés, Dartagnan, Lexis Nexis and Oney have shared with you their best customer cases to provide the concrete aspect that such a recovery may require!

Startups have pitched live from the Boulogne-Billancourt studio, a difficult exercise in which RogerVoice made its voice heard and won the One to One Startup Awards 2020 by Cdiscount! Our duplex also allowed those who were not physically present to be part of the day: Ilya Shirokov (Joom) from Moscow, Laure Cucuron (Terracycle) from London, EmailTree from Luxembourg, Pricing Hub from Barcelona… Thank you for being part of the experience remotely!

We look forward seeing you soon and until then, (Re)watch One to One, le Live on replay!

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Un workshop a One to One Monaco

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According to a study by Forrester, 89% of marketers say their work on marketing campaign customization is relevant, putting the right product on the right channel, the right customer, and the right time to engage customer engagement.The same study shows that only 5% of consumers think that the messages they receive are inappropriate to their needs, and when they receive it. This paradox is the subject of this One-to-One conference, based on the example of Conforama.

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Cristina García González-Sama - Regional BD Manager

"The best ecomm event I have ever attended (and I have visited quite a few!). The profile of attendees, the previous event organization and support by the comexposium team.  Impressed, I highly recommend it."
Spring- PostNL International

Francois Morice - CRM Director

"The one and only E-Commerce event !"

Marco Caspani - Merchant Marketing Manager EMEA

"Definitely a very well organized event, with many workshops and tons of one-to-one meeting. Top locations and C-levels people attending at the events for good networking and business time."

march 9/10/11. 2021 MonacoGrimaldi Forum