Retail E-commerce 2nd Act !

A first assessment has shown that the Retail Month had played its role perfectly: it’s allowed us to reunite despite everything that is distancing us at the moment, and to reactivate this shared reflection which is the DNA of One to One Monaco.

 Today, with a little more hindsight, a number of us think that this event will remain in the collective memory of our community as an important milestone, a landmark and even perhaps a tipping point.

In 10 years of existence, One to One Monaco has been both a leading observatory and laboratory. Thanks to you, your commitment, your enthusiasm, we have been able to make it the pivot of everything that during this decade has brought about the profound transformation of the worlds of retail and e-commerce.

We have seen and lived this period with you, during which it was necessary to understand, test, explore, dream too, for the service of business and performance.

10 years is a long time. But it is ultimately short enough to change your outlook, culture and model.

This is what you have accomplished. The Month of Retail will remain as a photograph of that moment when, slowly but surely, what was new became evident, what was disruptive became the norm, what was disturbing became promising.

How do we see it?

The trends that emerge from your discussions all point in the same direction: people. It is at the centre of all new digital sales formats, it is the alpha and omega of effective business links. This is also the source of these new, more complete and more efficient BtoB solutions, those of co-construction and partnership. And it is obviously this which guides those who invent the user experience of tomorrow.

This omnipresence of the human is an unmistakable sign: we are entering a new era.

As in all technical progress, it was first necessary to tame the technological revolution, to understand it and to adapt to it.

This is what you have been doing for 10 years and we are very proud to have accompanied you through this process.

 Today humans are taking the reins! With innovation under control, people are coming back to the forefront.

This is the story you will write over the next 10 years, one of a retail that has fully integrated digital in its power but also in its limits. A retail that is rediscovering its fundamentals in order to revisit and reinvent them and, again and again, open up new avenues.

 The idea of ​​being, in the month of October, really, physically by your side in Monaco to open this new chapter, fills us with joy and gives us immense energy to define an exceptional programme to match our meeting and this ambition!

We have been able to adapt, but we also know it: no digital substitute will ever generate as many contracts, transactions or as many pleasures and memories as those moments when we meet, where the true presence, and the emotions that go with it, weave this bond which is the keystone of everything.

This momentum is that of life, the one for which we are made: a social life, of sharing, of exchanges, of contacts. It is from this that we draw the strength to project ourselves and to mobilise ourselves again and again to make Monaco 2021 the kick-off of the next decade!

See you soon!
Sonia Mamin
Event Director

Thanks to our media, institutional and creative partners

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On September 3, a new format emerged to fill you up on ideas and be inspired for a successful start begining of school year, to interact with the major players in the sector and to reconnect with the community!

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E-plenary 100% Retail

Discover the e-plenary! These sessions are all opportunities to bring together major retailers and market experts, as we usually do on site. (French Only)


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