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Merchant sites, pure players, major brands or distributors, the show's guests are the decision-makers in the e-commerce sector. All the guests of the 2020 edition have been selected after having submitted their application by describing their projects, their future needs.

« Most of the market is there. The partners being well selected and filtered allow having qualified exchanges with companies with proven business models and not startups looking for companies to validate their concept. »

Auchan Retail

Retailers, pure players and big brands, the guests at E-Commerce One to One are decision-makers and experts in the sector.

All guests at the 2018 event have been selected after completing on their responses to questions about their projects for the year provided via the participation request form


  • 25% of guests have a direction profile (CEO / HEAD OF / COFOUNDER - FOUNDER / PRESIDENT / VP / DG)
  • 71% of guests have decision-making profile
  • 35% new profiles in 2017 to 2018
  • 24 sectors present (including 3 dominant: Textiles & Accessories / Cosmetics & Hygiene, Perfumery & Luxury, Press / radio / TV / Internet) 


  • 98% of guests satisfied with 67% very satisfied
  • 89% are satisfied with their appointments One to One in terms of organization and level of contact
  • 96% of them have entered into agreements

Once guest attendance has been approved, the organiser takes care of everything (transport, accommodation, airport transfer, meals, conference entry etc.)*

*View terms and conditions in the infos section.

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