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Log into my personal area

• How can I access my personal space?

You can access you personal area through your personal area, using the email address provided when you first applied to the event. 

• I lost my access codes to my personal space, what to do?

Go to the section My Access click "I am invited" then click on "Forgot your password?"

One to One meetings

• How to arrange a meeting with an exhibiting partner?

From your personal area, you can accept and/or decline requests you received from exhibiting partners. You can also request a meeting with partners of your interest.

• I received a request for a meeting outside the official platform, what should I do?

Requests made outside your personal space do not comply with the One to One Retail E-commerce terms and conditions of participation. Therefore, these requests won't be recorded in your total attended meetings (a minimum of 9 One to One meetings must be made in order to apply to the refund of your transport costs). All meetings must be made through the One to One Retail E-commerce platform. If a partners contact you outside the platform, we kindly advise to ask them to make their requests on the One to One meeting platform. 

• Can I arrange a meeting with one of my colleagues?

Yes, meetings can be organised ahead and/or during the event via the platform and mobile app. If you want to, you can add  a colleague to a meeting directly from the dashboard of your personal space in the "My One-to-One Meetings" module.

• How many meetings do I need to make?

You must attend a minimum of 9 meetings, in accordance with the general conditions of the event and the rules of participation.

• I made several meetings requests but have not heard back from any of them. What should I do?

Partners may received a large amount of meeting requests, which can lead to extensive delay in their response. Just like you have to accept and decline the requests you receive, partners too have to go through this process, which can take time sometimes. Please bear in mind that your agenda can fill in an d be updated up to the start of the event. 

If their response take too much time to come in, do not hesitate to let us know. Our team will get in touch with them and make sure your request is proceeded as soon as possible. 

• Can I make a meeting requests via the mobile app?

Yes, you can arrange meetings on the mobile app.

Transport network

• Do I have to buy my flights and / or train tickets?

Yes, the initial costs of transport (flight and / or rail) are your responsibility. For one month after the event, you can apply for a refund on your flight or train tickets, up to 235€ per person return, subject to the actual presence of the guest at the event. Taking part in a minimum of 9 meetings will also be required.

• How should I book my flights or train tickets?

You can book your trip to Monaco with the airlines / train operator of your choice. You can then ask for a refund after the event, up to 235€ TTC (return tickets and per person). Refunds are conditioned to your effective attendance at the event. 

• Do you offer a preferential rate on airline / train tickets?

You can benefit from preferential rates on your Air France flights when booking on the Global Meetings platform, using the code given on your personal space (under the "My Travel Information" tab).  

• How to apply for reimbursement of my flight / train tickets?

Go to your personal space after the event. After completing the satisfaction survey, you will be able to apply for a refund by attaching your invoice mentioning the total cost of travel (including and excluding taxes) as well as your IBAN.

• What is the amount of my refund?

Refunds are up to 235€ including tax per person, if and only all the conditions of participation are met. 


• Can I arrive and / or leave Monaco outside the event dates?

You can arrive and / or leave before or after the event. Outside of these dates, accommodation and food will be at your cost. As a reminder, your invitation includes two nights in a local hotel (on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the event). If you wish to book additional nights (at your expense), please contact the Guest Experience's team: [email protected] 

• In which hotel will I stay? When will I be informed of the name of the hotel where I will be staying?

You will receive all these information by email 48 to 72h before the start of the event.

• How much hotel night can I get from my participation?

Your invitation includes your a 2-nights stay in a local hotel, breakfasts included.

• I come with other members of my company, will we be staying in the same hotel?

Our teams do their utmost to ensure members of the same company stay in the same hotel, but can not guarantee it.

• I am invited by an exhibiting partner: will we stay in the same hotel?

If you are invited by a partner, you will stay in the same hotel as them.

Shuttles sevice between Nice - Monaco

• How to reach Monaco from Nice airport/ train station ?

Free shuttles will be available between Nice Airport/ Train station and Monaco.

• Are there shuttles from my hotel to the networking evening events?

Shuttles will be available for the evenings events. They will stop at each hotel towards the evening event's venues.

• How to get from my hotel to the Grimaldi Forum?

Shuttles are scheduled to the Grimaldi Forum as well as the evening events.
Check the schedules in the dedicated section, the mobile app or your personal area.

• Where can I find the shuttle schedules?

You will be able to check the schedules on the website, the mobile app and your personal area.
Other ways to reach Monaco from Nice airport are the 110 Express bus and taxi

Badges and RFID wristbands

• When will I receive my event access badge?

Your badge will be given when you arrive at the Grimaldi Forum at the reception desk. 

• Do I have to keep my badge throughout the event?

Yes, the badge is essential to access the Grimaldi Forum, lunches and related side events such as activities and evening events. Your badge is your business card, it helps other participants identifying your and facilitates networking.

• What is the RFID wristband for?

The RFID wristband is mandatory to access to the Grimaldi Forum, conferences, workshops, lunch venues and side events. It must remain on your wrist during the full length of the event.

Workshops and conferences

• Do I have to register to attend a plenary?

No, access to the plenary sessions is free on presentation of the RFID wristband to hostesses at the entrance of the rooms.

• Are the conferences translated in English?

Yes, you can request a headset at the entrance of each room.

Networking Evenings

• Am I invited to both networking evening events?

Your invitation to the One to One Monaco includes your invitations to both parties on Tuesday and Wednesday.


• How lunches take place?

Lunches are organised as free seated lunches. Themed tables are also organised by activity sectors and for new guests (registration is mandatory on your personal areal) 

• I have dietary restrictions, who should I contact?

Please do let us know your dietary restrictions by emailing the following address: [email protected]


• Do I have to register to activities to participate?

Registrations to the sports activities is mandatory in order to participate. You can register to the activities of your choice on your personal area and mobile app. Please note that registrations are subject to availability.

• How to register for activities?

You can register for activities directly from your personal space in the Activities section (limited availability). You can access it from a computer and from the mobile application.

On site sevices (Mobile App, Conciergerie, WIFI)

Mobile app

• Where can I find my credentials for the mobile app?

Your mobile app logins are the same as for your personal area.

• Who can I chat with during the event?

The chat allows you to communicate with attendees of One to One Retail E-Commerce. 


• Is a concierge service available on site?

A concierge will be at your disposal to answer your requests: information on the Principality, taxi bookings, etc.


• Will the WIFI connection be guaranteed during the event?

Yes, the WIFI connection is available at the Grimaldi Forum.

• Where can I find my WIFI access codes?

You will find the wifi access codes directly on your badge. 


• Where can I view the photos taken during the event?

The photos will be available after the event on our social networks.

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