Camille Morvan

Dr. in cognitive sciences (Harvard, Sciences Po, Normal sup) Co-founder Goshaba

Harvard, Science Po, Normal sup... Camille Morvan is a researcher in cognitive neuroscience and a specialist in cognitive bias. After her years of research and teaching, Camille decided to go into entrepreneurship, which is often considered as not very noble by her peers. Her mission is to solve the problem of bias in recruitment through machine learning and gamification. How do you identify the best people on your teams and find people who can complement them? Is it really because they went to the same school or come from the same background? How do you judge a candidate by going beyond your comfort zone, by going beyond their technical skills (hard skills)?

Through a strong mission, Camille seeks to give individuals the chance to be freed from the yoke of bad judgment and the possibility to fully exploit their potential. She ended up creating her company Goshaba, to help companies set up "neutral" measurement tools and tests to match candidates' soft skills (interpersonal skills, corporate culture, etc.) with the skills they are looking for. By measuring what cannot be measured by human beings, Camille Morvan restores justice where human psychology has prevented it. Her solution has already seduced renowned companies such as Accenture, McDonald's and Amazon.

14/16 March 2023 Monaco