Marc Menasé

Investor & Entrepreneur, Founders Future

Jean-Pierre Goux

President of the Institute of Desirable Futures, co-founder of Blueturn and President of the NGO One Home

Axel Allétru

Rally-raid car driver, high level athlete, 1st paraplegic driver to win the Dakar against the valid

Alexandre Fretti

General Manager of Malt

Catherine Barba

Business Angel, Founder, Envi

Matthieu Stefani

CEO and President, CosaVostra, Host of the Generation Do It Yourself podcast

Camille Morvan

Dr. in cognitive sciences (Harvard, Sciences Po, Normal sup) Co-founder Goshaba

Pascale Hardy-Amargil

Founder and CEO, YES WE ARE

Nicolas Bouzou

Economist and Essayist

Alexandre Viros

President France, The Adecco Group

Maud Caillaux

Co-founder, Green-Got

Roy Zinman

Former Intelligence Officer and Innovation Leader de L'Israël Defense Force (8200)

Jérôme Saiz

Consultant in corporate protection and founder of OPFOR Intelligence 

Marc Lolivier

Managing Director, FEVAD

14/16 March 2023 Monaco