Opening conference

Tuesday 14 March, 11h30 - 12h30

With Rami Baitiéh, Alexandre Viros, Catherine Barba, Matthieu Stefani, Alexandre Fretti, Maud Caillaux, Nicolas Bouzou, Marc Lolivier...

Barometer of the e-commerce audience in France by the FEVAD !
Marc Lolivier, General Delegate of FEVAD

Synthesis of the Before :

Tame the chaos: in a Darwinian world, how can you survive? What future disruptive innovations?
Introduction by Nicolas Bouzou, Economist and essayist
Discussion: Matthieu Stefani, CEO and President, CosaVostra, Host of the Do It Yourself Generation podcast, with Rami Baitiéh CEO Carrefour France and Maud Caillaux, Co-founder of Green-Got

How innovation and talent shortages are disrupting the e-commerce industry: challenges and opportunities for organizations

The e-commerce sector is facing a double structural challenge: on one hand, the economic instability, the ecological crisis and the geopolitical situation that encourage new responsible and sustainable consumption models... on the other hand, the talent shortage, the decrease in employee commitment and the massive reconversions that upset the balance of power between recruiters and candidates. In this context, retail /e-commerce organizations must rethink their models and operating methods. Our guests of the Before, the new private and inspiring format that precedes the opening of One to One, share their ideas and answers.

Recruitment, resource management, work environment: headaches today, opportunities tomorrow!
Introduction by Camille Morvan, Doctor in Cognitive Sciences (Harvard, Sciences Po, Normale Sup) Co-founder & Chief Evangelist Officer, Goshaba
Discussion: Catherine Barba, Business Angel, Founder, Envi, with Alexandre Fretti, Co-CEO of Malt ; Alexandre Viros, President France, The Adecco Group

12/14 March 2024 Monaco