Closing conference

Thursday 16 March, 12h00 - 12h30

Immediate and massive risks of influence operations (cognitive attacks) to retailers and brands.

Do bad actors such as Team Jorge and its disinformation mercenaries increase the risks associated with cybersecurity for retail/e-commerce? and more specifically to influence? This international scandal, uncovered by the consortium of journalists Forbidden Stories that exposed Cambridge Analytics, shows the speed and power of the impact these campaigns can have. More importantly, all this using basic technologies! In concrete terms, bringing down a product, a service or a company is child's play with online manipulation

Jérôme Saiz welcomes Roy Zinman to draw lessons from this crisis and suggest concrete and easily activated solutions. As a former Lieutenant Colonel of IDF Unit 8200, in which he served for more than 25 years and founded the defense cell against this type of attack, he has an intimate knowledge of what makes this unit excellent in this field and the effective and ethical ways to combat it."

12/14 March 2024 Monaco