Opening Conference

Tuesday 15 March: 11am - 12:30 pm


A few months ago, we offered One to One Retail E-commerce participants to understand how to "draw a unicorn" by listening to the success stories of Jonathan Cherki (Contentsquare), Philippe Corrot (Mirakl) and Thibaud Hug de Larauze (Back Market). Inspiring, humble and energizing, they gave a fantastic boost to our event. In March, we have the pleasure to give the floor to some major market personalities again! They will tell us this wonderful story of e-commerce that started more than 20 years ago.

Chapter 1: Master Class "Brands, heritage and metavers"

The story begins with a remarkable heritage that sometimes seems to fade in the face of technological, omnichannel or customer experience issues: the one of brands. Today, it continues on a new playground: the metavers. To talk about it, a duo who got everyone to agree and  won the gold at the last Effie: La Redoute and its agency Fred & Farid.

A master class hosted by Charlotte Bricard, journalist, with Amélie Poisson, Marketing Director brand & customer at La Redoute, et Séverine Autret, Co-President & Partner at Fred & Farid.

Chapter 2: Smart talk "Customer experience, and tomorrow?

A bit less than 2 years old : its age.

12 months: the time it took to become a unicorn. 3 billion dollars: its current valuation...

9 countries, 200 shops in 60 cities, 14 000 employees, an identity card to make you dream. Gorillas deserves all the superlatives as the European leader in the Quick Commerce market.

Frichti was created 7 years ago, in France, by two entrepreneurs. They were the first to understand the potential of Quick Commerce. Today, Frichti offers ready meals, daily food shopping products, but also its own distributor brand in 7 big cities in France and in Brussels.

How proximity has become the last sticking point in e-commerce? How immediate delivery is finally reconciling with ecology? How organisations are adapting to new customer habits?

The customer experience pushed to its limits and told by its heralds.

a conversation hosted by Gilles Fontaine, Editor-in-Chief at Challenfes, with Julia Bijaoui, Founder of Frichti and Pierre Guionin, CEO Gorillas France

14/16 March 2023 Monaco