Get the power back - “Thrive… with a positive impact “

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Customers are ready, technologies existing, brands are taking it ... Are we headed for a new e-commerce? A sustainable e-commerce?

A current around the second hand, co-creation and commitments useful to the planet and to men is asserting itself. E-merchants are adapting to these new values ​​more and more frankly.
Where CSR was even more recently in the area of ​​communication, it is today asserting itself in the very strategy of brands, shaking up internal processes and brand images as an opportunity and no longer as a constraint. We are witnessing this as a systemic change in e-commerce.

The ecological emergency is causing new economies to emerge. These new economies are revolutionizing consumption patterns and therefore trade globally.
E-commerce is impacted on the front line in a total paradox: we expect exceptional efficiency and speed ... while respecting the environment. To meet this difficult requirement, how can e-merchants project themselves into the more responsible economies that are often built over the long term? Can they be inspired by players in the circular economy without degrading their business models? What if all these paths were more scalable than we imagine?

A keynote led by Guy Lagache, journalist et produceur, with the participation of :

Laure Cucuron, General Manager - TerraCycle & Loop Europe

Nicolas Rohr, Founder and CEO - Faguo

Cyril Bourgois, Strategy, Digital Transformation and Innovation Director - Groupe Casino

sept. 1/2/3. 2020 MonacoGrimaldi Forum