"Understanding the new consumer"

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From crisis to resilience, Thomas Husson will present the latest retail & e-commerce trends.

From crisis to resilience: the latest retail & e-commerce trends. How have consumer behaviors changed in recent months? What are the new retail & e-commerce trends?
How should brands adapt?

In this period of end of crisis and very beginning of recovery, how to resume the path of business? COVID has had a major impact on usage and consumption patterns, the industry is and has been turned upside down. Market players were reactive from the first hours of containment to meet the constraints of their customers: emergency deployment of Click and Collect solutions, adaptation of the supply chain and delivery methods, switching from retail to e-commerce, etc. All these actions made it possible to accelerate massively on agile solutions at a time when customers had no other choice to consume.
But 6 months later, what do they keep from these behaviors? Will these cyclical changes find a structural translation? What consequences of the economic "second wave" that is coming; how can the market anticipate it and absorb its effects? What keys to success "after".

with Thomas Husson, VP & Principal Analyst, FORRESTER

sept. 1/2/3. 2020 MonacoGrimaldi Forum