One to One Monaco x Foxintelligence Barometers

Every quarters Foxintelligence and One to One Monaco analyse the consumption habits of 600,000 eshoppers across Europe. 

January 2021 : Ecommerce 2021 Report in Europe

  • What innovations made an impact on the ecommerce industry in 2021? 
  • How consumption habits evolved? 
  • Which actors and products category outperformed?

We keep no secret from you in this exclusive barometer, brought to you thanks to billions of ereceipt analysed and collected from our 700,000 eshoppers sample group.  

December 2021 : Christmas Insights 

This Christmas Foxintelligence and One to One Monaco offer you this exclusive barometer right under your Christmas tree. An exclusive study of 600,000 eshoppers in Europe.

You will get:  

  • A podium of brands
  • Market shares
  • A Top-3 of product categories

Download the Christmas Insights

12/14 March 2024 Monaco