E-plenary 100% Retail, 2020

Discover the e-plenary! These sessions are all opportunities to bring together major retailers and market experts, as we usually do on site. (French Only)


E-plenary #3 :

« Resilience objective » 

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Untitled (2)
Amélie Poisson
Director of Marketing, Brands and Customer Relations - La Redoute

Untitled (3)
David Nedzela
CMO - e.Voyageurs SNCF

Untitled (1)
Chantal Guilmain
Digital & Customer Experience Manager - Mr.Bricolage

Animated by Flore Fauconnier
Principal consultant - ZeTrace

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E-plenary #2 :

« What recovery for tech & e-commerce providers? »

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Samantha Jerusalmy,
Partner - Elaia

Nenad Cetkovic,
Specialist SaaS & E-Commerce

Martin Génot,
President - Les Entrepreneurs Réunis & Co-Funder - La Maison des Entrepreneurs

Animated by Flore Fauconnier,
Principal consultant - ZeTrace

E-plenary #1 : 

« Prepare After »

Fabien Versavau, CEO - Rakuten France
Renaud Montin, CMO & CDO - Gemo
Romain Roulleau, Chief Marketing, Digital & Customer Officer - Kingfisher France

 Flore Fauconnier, Principal consultant - ZeTrace

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