Closing Conference

Thursday 28 October, 12h00 - 13h00

With Matthieu Stefani from the GDIY podcast and philosopher Gaspard Koenig

How is the ecommerce sector getting ready to interact with new generations ?

For the first time this year, One to One le Lab brought together around 20 chief executives of blue-chip ecommerce companies, to work and discuss around one critical theme : "How is the ecommerce sector getting ready to interact with new generations?"

On Wednesday 27 October, they met for a private workshop hosted by Cyril Artur du Plessis (from the Digital Doers podcast) and Matthieu Stefani (from the podcast Génération Do It Yourself). With the vision and help of philosopher Gaspard Koenig, they tried to comprehend what these new generations will be in 10 years time, what will they keep or lose from their current consumption habits... A collaborative and forward thinking piece of work!

The closing conference of One to One Monaco 2021 reviews the observations collected from the day before.

Live or let live

The last word is given to Gaspard Koenig during an exclusive keynote where he dives into the concepts of freedom and simplicity for an inspiring social enlightenment. 

14/16 March 2023 Monaco