Mark Haviland

Discover Mark Haviland, EVP Global Development & Sustainability at Rakuten EMEA

As EVP Brand Development and Sustainability for Rakuten in the EMEA region, Mark’s brief is to accelerate the awareness and understanding of our brand proposition ensuring that consumers, business partners, staff and other stakeholders value the holistic nature of the Rakuten offering.  With the company for over 7 years now, Mark has broad and deep insights into the brand, and why it has so much to offer in this ever-changing digital landscape we operate in. Mark also oversees our regional ESG credentials, looking to ensure the company continues its path towards a sustainable future.

Having previously worked at CNN and Disney, lived in Japan and France, Mark is now based in London with his wife and 2 sons.

Outside of Rakuten, Mark has a passion for environmental protection and recovery, and is a Trustee of the UK’s Marine Conservation Society.

14/16 March 2023 Monaco