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Customer Engagement: The impact of a targeted marketing campaign

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According to a study by Forrester, 89% of marketers say their work on marketing campaign customization is relevant, putting the right product on the right channel, the right customer, and the right time to engage customer engagement.

The same study shows that only 5% of consumers think that the messages they receive are inappropriate to their needs, and when they receive it. This paradox is the subject of this One-to-One conference, based on the example of Conforama.

What is the impact of customizing a marketing campaign on customer engagement and revenue?

What are the challenges of personalizing a marketing campaign?

The majority of future buyers do not appear in the retailers database, which is at the root of two main issues. On the one hand, there are many future buyers who do not convert, because they are not solicited, or buy to the competition. On the other hand, the vast majority of prospects contacted who did not want to buy initially perceive negatively the image of the company concerned.

The existing solutions in terms of targeting and emailingforce marketers to wonder who to target, why to target them and how. Tinyclues is a SaaS solution that uses an advanced form of deep learning to find future buyers and optimize campaigns on all communication channels.

The impact on turnover and customer engagement is fast and positive. Artificial intelligence provides maximum data and predictions for marketers to be able to plan their strategies.

In addition, Tinyclues prospects prospective buyers in the days following a campaign, thus immediately capturing potential customers who have a strong chance of buying. This solution offers a 79% increase in marketing campaign revenue, an 80% increase in productivity, and a 51% increase in customer engagement.

Zoom on the collaboration between Tinyclues and Conforama

Conforama achieves 60% of its turnover in France and 40% outside France. In France, it is the number 2 furniture, with more than 10 million active customers. Online sales account for 10% of total sales. The brand is already known, so the issue is whether potential buyers think of the brand when they need bedding, appliances or decoration.

For a year now, the brand has been transforming itself digitally to improve customer engagement, whose strategy is based on five pillars:

  • Create from start to finish experience in the distribution chain, and ensure that the online point of contact is integrated into the customer journey.
  • Increase sales of online sales, by integrating more digital traffic into a brand historically accustomed to offline channels.
  • Aim for omnicannality, ensuring that, whatever the service, the customer journey includes online and offline. The interaction with the customer must be continuous.
  • Promote buying on the Internet, as the brand targets a clientele with which it is not always used to dealing because of its market position. Indeed, the furniture is not a sector where recurrence and frequency of purchase are the prime assets. It is necessary to increase the frequency of purchase by relying on typologies of product favoring buying, such as carpets, decorations or candles.
  • Control data to make decisions based on data rather than spontaneous thinking. This must concern not only the digital, but also the entire organization of Conforama.

How to target customer engagement?

To achieve customer commitment, we must first promote a relational approach through a personalized communication, which integrates a lot of data. After having attracted the customer, it is important to convince him on the offline and online channels by making them as fluid as possible. Then comes the customization of the messages to achieve a better visibility of the offers.

In addition, the service and the customer relationship upstream of the purchase must be irreproachable, as must the delivery and the after-sales service. Ideally, it is important for the customer to have an experience that differentiates the brand from its competitors.

Targeting customer engagement also involves following and monitoring the entirety of one's online and offline journey. Tinyclues undertook all these steps with Conforama.

Review of the collaboration

There are different types of consumers, and Conforama focuses on those who buy the most in order to increase sales and customer engagement. The brand initially looked after "average" and "punctual" buyers based on the signals and data it had at its disposal.

Thanks to Tinyclues, it is now possible to target the best customers in order to improve the messengers' relevance and increase the annual customer value. This promotes more purchases and recurrence, as well as an increase in the average basket.

Regarding average buyers, the increase in the frequency of purchase is important. The use of this solution makes it possible to change them from a purchase to two purchases a year. Inactive customers can be "woken up" more easily.

For Romain Roulleau, the case of Conforama is symptomatic, because the brand "is not a pure player, so does not decide things and does not do them in a fortnight. You can see that between the moment we decided and the moment we executed, it was done fairly quickly". The implementation is fast, but not only: Tinyclues is easy to use, improves productivity and has a positive impact on deliverability.


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