La Poste et hopps sont intervenus ensemble lors d'un workshop à One to One Monaco en 2019.

Home delivery: zoom on the ambitions of HOPPS Group

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This 2019 One-to-one Monaco conference focuses on the logistics revolution in home delivery and the transformation experienced by the last mile market. HOPPS Group expresses its ambition to become the first competitor in the world of La Poste.

What logistics revolution for home delivery?

About HOPPS Group

HOPPSis an e-commerce company and a mail carrier. At the time of its creation, its activity focused on e-commerce private parcels. It now has 22,000 employees, 25,000 customers, 800 banners, 270 agents in France and generated 540 million euros of turnover during the last year.

The group aims to create a link on all territories. This link must "delight the customer" and not be a source of irritation. Its aim is to be the leading private postal operator in Europe, resting on its four core values ​​of agility, responsibility, ambition and pleasure.

The market is changing due to the boom in e-commerce, changes in consumption, innovative delivery solutions, and the cost of last-mile home delivery. In this context, the company has decided to create "HOPPS Store" whose vocation is to become a private position. The concept of this offer is based on three pillars:

  • An "integrated" network
  • The mutualization of home delivery and relay to optimize the cost of approach and the cost of injection.
  • The creation of a new ecosystem composed of a network of partner traders. This is more profitable and allows us to offer a range of innovative services, particularly with regard to mail and "CtoC" (customer to customer) offers.

The pooling of flows is essential because it’s upstream of the last kilometer of home delivery that the savings of tomorrow can be made. In other words, being able to find warehouse orders for relay points and customer addresses.

What are the goals of this company in terms of home delivery?

The brand has formed a partnership with Culture Presse, a professional organization with more than 16,000 members and press sales outlets in France. This network represents a turnover of 19 billion euros and a daily pass of 10 million customers.

Such a partnership makes it possible to develop mailing, phoning, visits and local and regional meetings in order to build the desired network in a few months. The brand estimates that it will be able to process BtoC relays from July 2019, with a network of at least 4,500 relay points to deliver 95% of the population in less than 10 minutes. The goal is to reach 6,000 in September of this year, and to go beyond, up to 8,000 points:

  • In Île-de-France, HOPPS plans to be within a 5 minute walk in all cases.
  • In the rest of the country, it counts on a presence in 10 minutes on foot or by car in 95% of the cases.

Using a network of news stores has advantages, because it’s qualitative, and schedules and opening days are extended. The brand intends to rely on mutualisation to offer a relevant home delivery offer, and reduced processing times or delivery.

For one of the speakers, "2019 will be a year of revolution in the postal market, because this network aims to create the first operator in the world." HOPPS Group relies on its legitimacy as a historical player, since it has been competing in this market for 40 years, owns 45% of the prospectus distribution market in France, as well as 20% of the French market home delivery of parcels. Apart from La Poste, it’s also the only player to have a postal license.

The first step will be the post, but the brand wants to go to the post and recommended to be able to offer not only BtoC customers, but also CtoC an alternative to the limited hours of La Poste. The goal is to generate the link that enchants the consumer, on each territory.

SPEAKERS: Gaëlle FABRE, and participant from HOPPS GROUP

14/16 March 2023 Monaco