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Customer Expérience: Adress the right message at the right time

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The aim of this One-to-One Monaco conference is to present the results (in terms of conversion rate) of the collaboration between Sarenza and the company Notify to improve the customer experience.

The link between customer experience and converson rate: the example of Sarenza

The success story Sarenza


Sarenza was created in 2005, and has grown to 200 million euros of turnover in 15 years. It’s present in 29 countries and offers a high quality of service by delivering in 24 hours free throughout France. In 2018, the company was bought by Monoprix.

This brand is expert in shoes and is known for its offbeat tone, the "serious but not serious" participates in its customer experience. Sarenza is a community of experts and enthusiasts of digital marketing, data and footwear. Sarenza notably created the "Pumps Run" in 2007.

The year 2019 marks the launch of the textile ranges for the brand, and spring starts with around 60 brands and 4,000 references for men, women and children. It is therefore important for this brand to maintain its customer base and improve its customer experience, by working on the acquisition, retention and revitalization of this base.

For this, it’s possible to continue to bet on the marketing budget to acquire new customers, but it‘s also possible to work on reducing the "churn rate", the attrition rate. This requires a thorough work on the customer experience and the offer, especially through the partnership with Notify to address a qualified customer base at the right time.

About Notify


Notify's primary activity is to solve the problem of the percentage of messages sent from the brand to customers that are never read. Indeed, more than 81% of sent messages never reach their target, because when they are sent, no one is behind the screens. Starting from this premise, if one is able to detect the availability behind the screens, would it be possible to increase these results?

To do this, the company has found a solution: you must be able to know who to contact using the databases, know what to say to them and ask when to send the message. It is therefore important to detect the real-time availability of the targets.

For this, Notify has built a technology installed in major media, compatible RGPD. All of these media analyze their traffic in real time, which makes it possible to detect the best moment to send the message. This data can be restored in the marketing softwares of the customers of Notify, so that they can either send an email or trigger a phone call.

Customer databases are retrieved and confronted with everything that has happened on the Notify network for the last thirty days. This in order to define a percentage of the bases addressable in real time.

The API is then directly integrated into the software marketing of the customers and can thus contribute to improve the customer experience. For Sarenza, it was the Adobe software. The operation was quick and required little or no internal technical support.


What are the positive impacts of this collaboration?

Three positive consequences for the collaboration between Sarenza and Notify:

• The possibility of increasing the size of the customer base to which Sarenza could turn. Notify manages to identify the online activity of a large number of people in France.

• The increase in performance on the CRM channel, resulting in an opening rate of + 51%. Customers open their mail when they are in front of their device, that is to say at the right time, which contributes to nurture an increasingly close relationship and increase commitment.

• The conversion rate increase of 24%.

For Caroline Hill, "the Notify solution allows for increased visibility, more customer-facing messages, increased average revenue per customer, and base growth by lowering churn".

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