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Customer Experience: The Importance of Content Through Consumer

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What is the impact of consumer-generated content on the customer experience? How are product reviews, Q & A and visual content involved in the conversion? These questions are the subject of this conference One-to-one Monaco 2019.

How does Cdiscount improve the customer experience by capitalizing on the content created by the consumer?

Bazaarvoice and Cdiscount, a 10-year partnership


Bazaarvoice supports its customers in the development of a strategic program that collects and exploits consumer content to acquire traffic, convert, retain and increase brand awareness.

Today, buying behavior is changing, customers use different sources of information. It is therefore important for brands to improve their visibility in these information flows. Cdiscount has successfully developed a program that integrates consumer content into its strategy to expand its catalog and services.

Cdiscount represents 9 million customers, 20 million unique visitors and 40 million products. The brand must therefore analyze and collect millions of data, requiring the partnership with Bazaarvoice since 2009.

The objectives of this joint work were to capture the customer experience and the opinion of the consumer to reassure him in his purchases, and thus boost sales. The collaboration also aimed to enrich the product sheets, and improve the product offer through customer feedback. The platform has more than 8 million ratings collected with an average score of 4.2 out of 5, as well as more than one million questions.

What is the impact of consumer-created content on the customer experience?


The impact of consumer-generated content on the customer experience is therefore significant. These consequences can be observed through a classic purchasing process, consisting of its phases of discovery, consideration, commitment, purchase and loyalty.

Discovery phase

Different sources of information appeal to consumers, such as search engines, social networks or word of mouth. The challenge is to be as visible as possible and to be able to convince right from the research phase. Reviews generate fresh content that improves SEO and increases traffic by 15 to 30 percent.

Cdiscount adds a lot of customer content to all of its campaign communications. For its part, Bazaarvoice collects the data and makes it available to its client, who has full ownership.

Consideration phase

When the consumer arrives at an e-commerce site, the goal is to provide the right content at the right time. But each person is different; Some are more sensitive to empirical content (product reviews, questions), while others are more responsive to "inspirational" content (photos and videos). It is therefore important to know where to place this consumer content, but also to know how to measure the impact.

On Cdiscount, the volumes of reviews on two products close in terms of supply can be very different. But the brand is certain that the consumer is naturally heading towards the offer with the most content and advice. Bazaarvoice has put in place a tool allowing brands to acquire more opinions, by picking them up on the customer's sites and putting them on the right product sheet.

Engagement phase

The project "curation" adopted by the platform allows to collect photos on Instagram. These visuals are tagged by Bazaarvoice, improving the customer experience in such a way that the consumer can buy what he sees.

About 86% of the people concerned consider that the opinions and the visual contents are the most important contents, which demonstrates the importance of the curation project.

Purchase phase

The buying phase is very much related to the consideration phase. The goal is to reassure the consumer and facilitate the conversion by using a customer opinion, visual content or questions that are positioned on the product page.

According to a Bazaarvoice study, a quality customer experience involves posting at least one review, as even offers that score between 2 or 3 out of 5 convert more than offers without any customer content.

In addition, it‘s important for brands to respond to questions or comments from their consumers. Indeed, Cdiscount reassures customers and undertakes to question its products, to rediscover them and potentially to retouch them.

Finally, the questions / answers enrich the product sheets, and thus improve the customer experience, because they make it possible to complete the information contained therein. Answers are used not only for the customer who poses it, but also for prospects who visit the product listing after it.

Loyalty phase

Bazaarvoice is working on the customer experience based on four basic criteria:

  • Content: what do you want to get from the consumer (reviews, photos, etc.)? What information is useful to customers or the brand to develop its offer
  • Solicitations: post-purchase email after receiving the product, notifications, etc.
  • Timing: Each product category has a specific timing during which it‘s relevant to solicit the consumer. It‘s necessary to apprehend what is the right moment in question
  • Recognition: It‘s important to explain to customers why giving advice is important to help other consumers or the brand improve. There is indeed a real need for transparency on the reason for the collection, because the objective is to create a relationship of trust.

Moderation of contents


Bazaarvoice moderates the content in two steps. As a first step, algorithms automatically reject notices containing inappropriate words. In a second step, human moderation intervenes, with 400 moderators who accept or reject the contents according to the recommendations defined with the client.

Content moderation allows you to filter and create automated alerts. For example, each week, logistics teams may receive a signal indicating that notices have been left on a product about a logistical problem. They are able to consult these messages directly.

For Charlotte Plaisance, "with 40 million products, if we do not have a focus on the feelings of our customers, it is impossible to manage our offer."

The partnership with Bazaarvoice makes it possible to respond to the constraints imposed by this type of volume.


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