Captain Wallet et Intersport sont intervenus lors d'un atelier à One to One Monaco 2019

Wallet: a mobile communication channel for retailers

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This one-to-one Monaco conference presents the challenges of the wallet as a communication channel. The speakers at Captain Wallet and Intersport draw on their mutual experience to explain in detail the benefits of this support.

Why use the Apple or Google wallet as a mobile communication channel?

The objectives of Intersport 2020

The collaboration between Captain Wallet and Intersport is based on the following four objectives:

  • Become the sports sign closest to the French. Currently, Decathlon is the preferred brand, but Intersport wants to get closer geographically to its customers through its territorial network.
  • Create an omnichannel digital experience, or "phygitale". The brand intends to do so, rely on the strength of its stores, namely sellers. It wants to offer them technological tools to make them more efficient and support customers to accelerate sales. The goal is an improvement of the user experience.
  • Achieve 2.5 billion euros in sales.
  • Aim for growth of 10% per year.

What is the best channel for delivering data?

Customers spend a lot of time on their mobile. According to a study on Western Europe and the United States of mid-2018, we unlock our phone about 220 times a day on average, touching 2,617 times a day and scroll 930 meters daily screen . Mobile is essential in the customer relationship.

In general, in retail, in particular, brands have difficulties to set up on mobile phones and use conventional channels that are no longer in line with current usage. This concerns emails, sms, applications, Facebookand Google. With the wallet, the price, the customer experience, the reach and the durability of the communication are optimal.

Intersport has chosen not to develop an application, especially because of the cost of launching and updating on different operating systems. The brand wanted to reach customers and animate them with the most interesting return on investment. So she chose the wallet, to control costs and continue to reach a large audience.

Moreover, the wallet doesn’t require any development for the company, no need for maintenance. The wallet doesn’t replace the application but is complementary. It acts as a push link, directly on the phone, for brands that have no application.

Zoom on the wallet

The wallet is a native application, created and edited by mobile operating systems (iOS and Android). The reach is very important, since it is possible to address the entire phone. Also at Apple, the application is preinstalled. It’s not possible to remove it and it’s used to activate the Apple Payfunction (the logic is the same for Google Pay).

It’s also possible to dematerialize loyalty cards, coupons and tickets. Intersport dematerialized its loyalty card, creating its place in the application. Once the dematerialization done in the wallet, it’s possible to deliver all the communication messages of the mark. In other words, do the work of an application without the inconvenience.

What were the results of Intersport?

Each campaign conducted by Intersport, it’s no longer just emails and sms that are generated, but messages are also pushed by the wallet. Notifications are sent on average 4 times per month, which is a non-intrusive dosage for the consumer. The drive to store effect is particularly strong because it relies on the repetition of messages.

In general, the brand has seen a 65% increase in the use of its offers over the past year. In addition, 55% of users actually use it at the point of sale.

For Axel Detours, the wallet "makes it possible to plant a seed with which one can have a lasting relation, when one has 90% of retention rate on a channel, particularly on a mobile, there one has a channel on which one can work". This solution provides good returns on investment, especially since the wallet is intergenerational. It is a powerful lever for in-store traffic, with an incremental turnover of 35% between "walletized" and "non-walletized".



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