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Customer Experience: Why Refine Product Information?

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There is no good customer experience without product experience. Over the past decade, there has been a lot of investment in customization, targeting and automation marketing solutions. What about the data produced? This 2019 One-to-One Monaco conference aims to provide an answer to this question.

The customer experience by the product: the example of Nature & Découvertes

The experience produced according to Akeneo

Akeneo believes that the ability to provide a good product experience is a real science. It’s also necessary for a good customer experience, so you need tools to deploy it.

Our daily lives are now omnichannel, and brands tend to fall in the same path as a few years ago to the start of online sales and e-commerce. This new channel was then considered as an offline channel, with similar issues and selling methods. In hindsight, we now know that e-commerce integrates with the customer experience and has its own strategies. In other words, the rule applying to one sales channel doesn’t apply to all others.

The management of the customer experience is multiple, especially as regards the processing of product information. This is what customers expect beyond a good brand image. For example, a product card for e-commerce can’t be treated in the same way as a product card destined for a chatbox, where it must be verbalized. The issues are:

• The data must be collected, then standardized, structured and organized into different categories.

• At the marketing level, it is necessary to have the means to enrich the product information with visuals and descriptions, on all the channels. It’s therefore important to identify the optimal use.

• Companies must be able to turn these technical specifics into usage information. Many products can have multiple uses, and brands must be able to enrich information to impact the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

• Contextualization is important. There is a real need to work on product information by taking into account issues specific to sales channels.

Akeneo provides the means to offer a good customer experience and regain control over the product information, by getting rid of tools that are not suitable for an omni-channel strategy. The solution helps to streamline the exchanges within the company. Having an open tool offers the opportunity to share the collaboration between services, but also to open access to third-party contributors.

For Valérie Desbordes of Akeneo, "open source is really the future, and that's what our customers have chosen", in all sectors and all products.

The example of Nature & Discoveries

Nature & Découvertes is a chain of stores created in 1990 to reconcile the city dweller with nature, and opened a marketplace in 2014.

Initially, the brand was working with a homemade tool because its catalog was growing year by year in a reasonable way, but its marketplace has changed this trend. There are now many references to manage, which degraded the customer experience due to poor quantification of information.

The goal was to improve the customer experience, by setting up "personal shoppers", purchasing assistants asking questions to qualify the request, in the same way that a salesman asks his customers in the store. The choice of Akeneo was made to work on these criteria to structure the data, and improve the user experience.

Switching to Akeneo has divided the product creation and provisioning time on the site by five. Each segment of the company has access to unique services (editors, purchasing assistants, legal department, etc.).

Today, Nature & Découvertes has 150 external suppliers, 150 sellers in the marketplace, 40,000 active products, and the brand has grown from 4 to 27 product families, as well as from 50 to 184 attributes (allowing consumers to find the product they need based on weight or size, for example).

According to Benjamin Boulic, e-commerce manager at Nature & Découverte, the brand couldn’t have continued with its in-house tool. The Akeneo solution is responsive and thought to improve the customer experience as well as the product information.


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