Opening Plenarie

Tuesday March 19th - 11am

Introductory Discussion : Technology, Growth Accelerator. Yes, but under what conditions?

What has a retail and digital expert in common for more than 20 years, the boss of the toy leader, and a key investor in retailtech?
The certainty that technologies and innovations are at the service of business and impact performance!
What are these good practices that allow retailers to seize technologies:

  •  Identify your needs and get out of your comfort zone
  •  Find the right partners
  •  Where is the customer in this technological quest?

Sonia Mamin Director of One to One Retail E-commerce Monaco

Romain Vidal Partner Caphorn Invest

Jacques Baudoz President PlayedClub

Exclusive keynote : Creating tomorrow's commerce, a user experience that counts in a consumer and technological era.

In an environment flooded with start-ups, Sterling has made its way into retail and sharpened its analysis of how robots, drones, artificial intelligence and so many other innovations are transforming the buying experience. This is a state of The business was different at a time when Sterling Hawkins was walking the aisles of the family supermarket: the customers and the community were everything. Walmart, Amazon and others have broken this traditional pattern by tipping 

the art technology: what it will be, what it is today, and how retailers can / should seize it to support changes in the sector.the scales towards volume and technology.

With this keynote, Sterling proposes to go beyond traditional retail to a new user experience!

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17/19 march 2020 Monaco Grimaldi Forum