Closing plenary

Thursday, March 21st - 4 pm


When the deployment of an innovation takes 3 to 5 years on average for a large group, a startup can do it in about 6 months. If the startup has the agility, the big group has the solidity: the collaboration seems in every way ideal. But from the barrier of purchases to the box call of off re passing through the POC, the open innovation is very often a quest for the grail.
Common entrepreneurial vision, VC aka facilitator / pivot in the relationship, startup studios... What are these conditions and other methods that allow open innovation to become a "seamless" reality?

Alexandra André, Operating Partner Serena Capital

Tony Pinville, CEO d'Heuritech

Rob Spiro, Founder & Managing Partner, Imagination machine

Pingki Houang, Chief Executive Omnichannel, Fashion3 

17/19 march 2020 Monaco Grimaldi Forum