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Knowledge is Power: How Intent Marketing is Reimagining the Customer Experience

When is the last time you typed only a few random keywords into a search bar? Today, 70% of searches are 3 words or more, and many of them are specific questions. These longer queries convert at 2.5x the rate of single keyword searches because they are intent-based, meaning people are ready to transact. Answering your customers’ questions whenever — and wherever — they search is key to winning their business, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to do so with search engines crowded by competitor ads and third party results. However, there is a solution: the intent website, powered by a knowledge graph. In this session, Wendi Sturgis explains how brands can reimagine the customer experience on their own website to meet customers on their own terms, while building more trust and more business in the process.

17/19 march 2020 Monaco Grimaldi Forum