One to One Monaco 2020, Vol. 2 !

Important information about One to One Retail E-commerce Monaco

Update : 03/11/2020

Thank you.

Thank you for your support, for your commitment, for your encouragement to reschedule One to One Monaco 2020 as quickly as possible. Our discussions over the past few days have confirmed the importance which you attach to the event; and in this complicated context, more than ever we are taking our role seriously as community organiser and link creator.

From June 30 to July 2, we will celebrate the 10 years of One to One Retail E-commerce as planned, in 2020, all together in the sun!

"Get the power back"
Regain power over our strategies and actions to aim for positive and sustainable trade.

The theme chosen along with the Editorial Committee for the 2020 edition will allow participants to better understand the expectations of a more committed and responsible consumer, and the challenges of market players who are massively accelerating in this process.


Thanks to the innovations and the creativity of our partners / solution providers, thanks to the exchanges and best practices that you can share with your peers during workshops and social events, or via keynotes which will deal with these subjects as a priority. This tenth edition will be the one that will allow you to discover new models and new tools, to project yourself into future economies, be inspired by world changers...

This new era of commerce is all the more meaningful today, in a situation of global emergency where the values ​​of solidarity, responsibility and transparency are paramount.

One to One Monaco 2020, Vol. 2, let's go!

Update : 03/09/2020

We are facing exceptional sanitary circumstances and protective measures which were heightened on March 9. One to One Retail E-commerce Monaco is going to be postponed during the first semester. New dates will be announced soon.

Update : 03/03/2020

Our teams are actively working on the next edition of One to One Monaco and we look forward to welcoming you from March 17 to 19, 2020 at the Grimaldi Forum.
In addition, we work in close collaboration with the competent authorities in order to enforce all the recommended precautions to ensure health and safety.

Update : 02/28/2020

Dear participants,
One to One Retail E Commerce Monaco is a creator of premium business meetings and exchanges. Our ambition is to establish connections between individuals and business. Given the spread of COVID-19, One to One Monaco, like all the other players in the event industry, is studying all the means to maintain this ambition. 
We are aware of the importance for communities to be able to meet during meetings and also of the human and financial investments that this represents for our partners and our guests. We are making every effort to deliver a premium event to all of our participants. However, we also have a duty to do everything possible to maintain everyone's health and safety.
It’s a delicate balance to find. The question "what is the best course of action?" seems to evolve every day. We must remain optimistic, but also cautious and agile. Our dearest wish is to continue to do what we have been doing for 10 years in Monaco, to bring people together to create links. 
As things stand, our event will take place as planned.
We are closely monitoring the development of the health situation and we are ready to apply any measures which will be recommended by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health, by the Principality of Monaco and by the World Health Organization (WHO). 
We will obviously keep our participants informed of any possible developments. 

Sonia Mamin, One to One Events Director

Updated : 02/25/2020

Dear participants,

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the Principality of Monaco encourage us to be as vigilant as possible. 

We are closely monitoring the health situation and stand ready to implement the measures recommended by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the World Health Organization (WHO). 
As part of the event, we recommend to all visitors and exhibitors the greatest respect of the basic hygiene rules. 

For your information: 
- all sanitary facilities of the event will be equipped with hydro-alcoholic solutions; 
- individual doses of hydro-alcoholic solutions will be made available to all participants; 
- The Grimaldi Forum cleaning system will be doubled, especially for cleaning doors/ handles. 

The Grimaldi Forum benefits from a medical service in permanent contact with the Monegasque and French health authorities. 
We will, of course, keep our participants informed of any developments.

Team One to One Monaco

14/16 March 2023 Monaco