The Event


The pundits of the sector were able to parade in a special "question box", and be questioned on topics in vogue. Surprising answers to discover more or less serious questions ...

Questions box #EC1to1 Edition 2017 with :

Romain ROY (GreenWeez) 
Nathalie BALLA (La Redoute)
Mathilde WATINE (Oxybul)
Julien-Henri MAURICE (Bazarchic)
Edouard MARGAIN (Lavinia)
Romain ROULLEAU (Accor Hotels)
Julien SCHNEIDER (Lacoste)
Nathalie MANCUSO (Wanimo)
Mickael SOLEAU (Boulanger)
Arieh GHNASSIA (Casino)

Our guests, TOP e-Commerce decision makers talk about # EC1to1:

  • You president, what decisions for a new Ministry of E-Commerce?
  • If E-Commerce was a movie title?
  • The E-Commerce start-up to watch closely?
  • Has E-Commerce revolutionized your personal life?
  • What is the most unusual thing that one could buy with a Bot?
  • If Trump was on the program, which conference would he have animated?
  • E-Commerce One to One 2017 in a nutshell? In one song?

"A rich lounge that allows us to update ourselves on all technological innovations in a short time. Very inspiring & very rich for future partnerships !"
Violette Watine - Head of Growth

"An excellent edition that allows me to anticipate future trends, meet innovative partners in a pleasant setting and a friendly atmosphere. A modern way to network !"
Soumia Hadjali - VP Digital Operations / E-commerce & Digital Services

"The best event of the year in France. Continue!"
Cyrille Stepanyk - Digital Manager WFJ

"One to One Monaco is without a doubt the best E-Commerce event of the year to develop its business in France and abroad. An organization close to perfect perfection."
Victor Thephithat - Marketing Manager

"Congratulations and thank you to all the Comexposium team, I spent 3 days intense in all points, in a millimeter organization of a remarkable fluidity, with quality contacts: an experience to be renewed without moderation !"
Sonia Ouaksel - Director of Customer Experience

"Thank you for organizing this show. It was a first for me. I have never experienced an event with this level of quality before. It offers the possibility to scan in two days e-commerce subjects as diverse as an annual roadmap! Congratulations to the whole team of one to one."
DPAM - Du Pareil au même
Violaine Mansion - Webmarketing / E-commerce Manager

"This event is for me a must in the world of ecommerce. It allows to maintain relations with existing partners, to approach new ones and to discover nuggets. it also allows to network and to tackle the subjects of future with peers in a pleasant framework and a very good organization. Thank you."
François Malinge - Information System Front Web Manager

"The E-commerce event is the benchmark for all digital and e-commerce players. Quality of partners, quality of services, quality of activities (including those with Muriel Hurtis) and beautiful setting. A must !"
Pierre-Henri Desvignes - Global Digital Marketing Manager

"An experience as rich and intense, both humanly and professionally. A parenthesis that allows us to step back on future issues. Essential !"
Julie Bonnet - Digital Activities Director

"Thank you again for this vintage 2017, beautiful encounters and moments shared between us, and also inspiration, new ideas !!!"
Nathalie Jacquot - Marketing, Digital & Ecommerce Director

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12/14 March 2024 Monaco