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Discover the Innovation Corner #startup 2017

E-commerce One to One strengthened its "innovation" offer in 2017 thanks to a selection of start-ups highlighted in the "Innovation Corner" area.

This zone is dedicated to the most innovative start-ups meeting the new needs identified in the market.

E-commerce One to One wants to support innovation through this space.

Discover it in details :
ADMO.TV is a platform for analyzing the impact of TV and radio advertising campaigns on the website traffic of the advertiser. Proprietary and patented video recognition technology linked to a proprietary tracking system enables the finest analysis of media investments, with a 99% reliability commitment.

Admo has major brands such as Ford, Allianz and Meetic among its customers, and has raised 1.6 million euros in July 2016.

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How to better understand, analyze and organize your data from Google Analytics? Alphalyr is a virtual "webanalyst" service with an artificial intelligence that makes it possible to control a website on a daily basis in order to improve its performance, particularly in terms of e-commerce.

Every morning, Alphalyr prepares a summary email that quickly identifies the trends of the day and compare them with those of the previous day. Alphalyr also generates an intelligent multi-source Excel to help the user navigate his data.

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app’s miles

app's miles is a SaaS service that optimizes and improves the use of a mobile application. The service operates on the basis of a system of points accumulated by the user of an app at each connection, purchase, sharing or completion of a form. These collected points allow to obtain rewards, being converted for example in the form of vouchers or given in a catalog built by app's miles adapted to the universe of the mark.

The app's miles SaaS back office allows the brand to gain control over the distribution of points and rewards.

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How to get feedback from the field on a given place through the analysis of posts of users on social networks? This is the service offered by inSuite, which offers a location-based targeting and monitoring tool. inSuite allows you to target a place that is relevant to a business, such as a store, a competitor's point of sale or a market to conquer.

Based on real-time analysis of the profiles, behaviors and interests of people who publish from these places on social media, inSuite helps to better understand an audience and its customers at a given location and to discover profiles that go to a competitor.

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merchandising is a solution that simplifies the analysis of data from an e-commerce site by linking data to visual products. The product offering is scanned in real time to identify the actions to be taken to improve sales performance.

By transforming the raw data of a merchant site into a visual and ergonomic application, the service saves time in the analysis and benefits from a clear view of the behavior of the products on an online store. The application, which connects to Google Analytics, Omniture and Eulerian, is specifically designed for people who want to have their data connected to their products, customer segments, brands and categories.

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Nuukik is a SaaS solution of personalized recommendations that helps consumers find products that meet their expectations through personalized product recommendation. The service allows e-merchants to optimize their merchandising and personalize their commercial offer in order to increase their online sales volume.

The offer, compatible with the e-commerce solutions of providers such as Magenta, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, uses artificial intelligence, machine-learning and statistical analysis while taking into account the rules related to the e-merchant business. , which allows him, for example, to offer a highly personalized level of promotion recommendation.

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BEYABLE allows real-time communication on its site for each person and offers on-site engagement and reengagement modules based on behavioral and predictive analyzes carried out on its clients' sites.

By leveraging Facebook and Google-based audience segmentation and on-site optimization tools, BEYABLE is sorting through the traffic of a merchant site to highlight the content and the most appropriate offer. to each visitor. Designed in collaboration with experts in big data and specialists in artificial intelligence, BEYABLE innovates in the ability of a site to detect the visitors for whom it is interesting to propose a personalized offer.

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ChannelPilot is a service that allows you to control the omnichannel strategy of a merchant site by offering the possibility to list its products on various levers marketing and social networks, such as price comparisons, marketplaces, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram Product Ads and others.

Products are also analyzed and optimized individually by network, product or category. The e-merchant will thus retain complete control over his product placement and costs.

The same interface combines network connection, product data optimization, performance monitoring and data analysis.

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Connected to more than 2,000 digital marketing platforms by 100,000 e-commerce sites in 7 European countries, Compellia audits e-commerce sites using a proprietary site analysis technology. A service that allows e-commerce sites to benefit from usage feedback in order to choose the digital marketing platforms that will ensure their differentiation at an optimized cost.

With its online chat, AB Testing, retargeting and emailing solutions, Compellia can reduce the basket abandonment rate, and also segment its prospects from online and offline data (tag management, ... DMP).

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Optimhub creates innovative retention tools and solutions to combat conversion rate erosion for e-merchants.

OptimHub offers 2 products for e-merchants: ShopPush and Bounce Optimizer.

The set of contact point management solutions will be gathered in, a solution that will integrate artificial intelligence in all means of market contacts.

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Popsell is a customizable platform that transforms brand clients into a community of sellers through gamification mechanics.

The service allows brands to offer their customers to become ambassadors. On an internet platform, various offers are made available to them and the client-ambassadors can share them on their social networks or by e-mail.

They are rewarded for their virality and the sales they generate through their recommendations.

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What would happen if you could improve the performance of your website and increase your conversion rate? You would earn more money and reduce your costs in just a few clicks.

Quanta offers a service designed to optimize the response time of websites by making performance analysis tools available to people who do not have technical skills or web development.

Quanta provides an Analytics solution that can generate more revenue by improving the page loading time at each stage of the e-commerce site sales tunnel.

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DataBerries is a solution that can attract more and more customers to stores by completely redesigning the drive-to-store.

Thanks to its technology of continuous geolocation, DataBerries reconciles the two worlds online and offline by measuring the influence of the first on the second.

DataBerries technology is based on the collection and processing of billions of geolocation points per day. The service uses the most advanced big data technologies to offer mobile marketing campaigns including anonymous gathering of geolocation data, targeting hot prospects of a brand and dissemination of personalized and geo-contextualized marketing campaigns.

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DataDome allows websites to generate new revenue streams by protecting their online content from robots and distributing it to the first Data Marketplace connecting them to Big Data players.

Thanks to its technology and human expertise, DataDome has implemented a unique and constantly developing detection and identification strategy to detect bad bots and minimize their impact.

Offered in SaaS, the DataDome solution immediately confronts each hit with a database of several To, allowing it to choose in 2 milliseconds if access to the site must be authorized or not.

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Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is the world's first personalization technology. Its advanced learning engine enables the generation of viable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to increase revenue through customization, referrals, automated optimization and messaging.

Dynamic Yield customizes the experiences of more than 500 million users worldwide and counts among its many customers industry leaders such as Under Armor, Sephora, Pacsun and URBN Brands.

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Retency is a specialist in in-store flow analysis. It helps retailers to analyze consumer behavior to promote the act of purchase by providing traditional retail traders the same types of data as e-commerce players and by offering marketing tools similar to those of e-merchants.

Using information obtained through boxes that capture the wifi and bluetooth frequencies of smartphones in the shops, Retency analyzes the time spent on shelves, the frequency of visits and other data such as variations by time slot. This allows the optimization of their advertising campaigns on online and off-line media.

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sav group
SAV Group

SAV Group is a startup that positions itself in the after-sales service sector of traditional merchants by digitizing it thanks to its software platform in SaaS mode.

The startup relies on its network of approved repair centers and carriers that extends throughout France to optimize return to the end customer.

The company relies on a double expertise: the management and control of intervention networks as well as the development of solutions in SAAS mode dedicated to after-sales service, with one objective: to simplify the after-sales procedures for a consumer and to make the service a service differentiating with very high added value.

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Storetail is a technological platform that allows consumer brands and retailers to create a digital version of the commercial animations of the physical point of sale (gondola head, front of cash, stop radius ...).

STORETAIL provides a technology platform integrating all commercial animation solutions to enrich the consumer experience, accelerate sales and enable better monetization of merchant sites.

The platform provides unprecedented commercial highlighting solutions and relies on hot data (navigation on the shelves, state of the baskets, etc.), cold data (historical purchases, profiles, etc.) and exogenous data (weather, events, etc.) to boost sales while controlling the return on investment.

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Early Birds

How to generate real-time customization to create a unique customer experience? Early Birds deploys personalized recommendations on all points of contact, from the e-commerce site to the point of sale via e-mail, for a smooth and frictionless experience.

The Early Birds recommendation engine allows you to integrate recommendations based on the tastes and preferences of your customers on the sites defined by the e-merchant and Early Birds.

From the homepage of the merchant site, the personal shopper of Early Birds offers to accompany the customer in his career: this solution allows to reproduce the role of the point of sale advisor, on the web. The e-merchant can control its performance using an intuitive console to position the cursor between predictive tool and merchandising platform.

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EasySize is a size recommendation engine for the fashion industry, operating on data analysis and artificial intelligence. The service detects the best size of a client in seconds using existing data, without the need for physical measurements or clothing.

For new customers with no purchase history, EasySize predicts the best size based on the customer's best-fitting clothing with other brands, and also offers a chatbot to better meet consumer demand.

The EasySize Analytics Dashboard makes it easy to track the impact on sales, minute by minute, order by order.

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Hubware offers e-merchants conversational robot services to respond in real time to questions from their customers and optimize the performance of operators in their dedicated teams. Hubware provides over 30% of client requests supported by digital support.

Each digital assistant improves the service provided to customers by performing tasks such as the immediate recognition of the customer, the provision of relevant information from his account, the identification of his need, the connection with the right person to handle the problem. request, and the execution of the right rule of customer service.

With APIs and Web Services, Hubware chatbots are designed to connect easily and quickly to information systems like or platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, SAP or others.

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Allfactors tackles the issue of last mile logistics in urban areas by offering a crowdsourced delivery solution on demand, by appointment 7 days out of 7.

As soon as his order is ready, the customer receives a notification and can trigger a delivery at any time by clicking on the dynamic Allfactors link. By following the link in the notification, they can choose to be delivered from € 2.99, including weekends and evenings.

This tailor-made service makes it possible to conclude the shopping experience on a note of pleasure directly associated with the merchant's brand.

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How to manage the broadcasting of his videos on several channels without spending his days there? Vidmizer allows you to centralize, manage and multiply video content on social networks, video platforms, Internet and Intranet sites.

The tool allows immediate handling without installation and training required and use without technical intervention, with a personalized dashboard and offers the opportunity to make the most of video marketing campaigns.


Vidmizer accompanies its customers on all their video marketing strategy as well as on its operational implementation.

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Wynd is a SaaS platform for omnichannel management of orders for merchants (order taking, payment, cashing, loyalty ...) which is now digitizing all the points of sale of its customers with a turnkey solution to directly manage the products from the store, while integrating with the ERP in place.

Using its APIs and modularity, the white label platform is designed to create and deploy new customer journeys through multi-point, multi-device, multi-business management tools.

With its solutions, Wynd brings to the end user more practicality thanks to innovative digital routes, such as click & collect, delivery in one hour, Drive, etc ...

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