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Top Speaker Kees De Vos

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Chief Product and Marketing Officer - MetaPack

Speaker on the conference "Lever of Growth and Differentiation: Delivery, a crucial step in customer engagement"

Kees de Vos joined MetaPack in October 2014 as Chief Product and Marketing Officer. With more than 15 years 'experience in omni-channel solutions, Kees' mission is to develop MetaPack's global offering to help retailers enhance their international reach, develop their performance indicators and increase customer satisfaction, while reducing operating costs.

Prior to joining MetaPack, Kees de Vos served as Chief Customer Officer and VP of Business Consulting at hybris Software, where he strongly contributed to the success of clients' multi-channel strategies, both in strategic thinking and planning. implementation of the solutions.

Prior to heading the technology consulting division, within the Javelin Group, Kees began his career with international trade services publisher Salmon as a leading e-Commerce. He was then responsible for the technical strategy and the creation of a team of more than 50 e-commerce specialists.

14/16 March 2023 Monaco