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Keynote Foxintelligence

Wednesday 27 October, 18h00 - 19h00

The secret trends of the ecommerce

This keynote is hosted by Edouard Nattée, CEO at Foxintelligence, Paul Choppin, Communications Marketing & Public Affairs at Gorillas and Georges Yates, Global Lead: Brand & Retailers chez Back Market.

In the last few months, many buzzwords have made an appearance: dark stores are remodeling the delivery process and try to displace historical retailers, marketplaces are now an essential part of the industry and reconditioned products are incrementally settling in the retail world...

Everyone has something to say about these subjects. Foxintellingence will bring you facts. Facts coming from the billion e-receipts taking in their SaaS platform and which will give a unique insights into the following subjects:

Dark stores: Is it just another trend or a transformation that is here to stay? Is this market overrated?

Marketplaces: What are their true benefits? Is it even possible to compete with big companies like Amazon?

Reconditioned products market: Is the market only for pure players or do retailers selling new products have a part to play? Should brands get consumers data from second-hand markets?

This session is hosted by Edouard Nattée, CEO of Foxintelligence, with Paul Choppin, Communications Marketing & Public Affairs at Gorillas and Georges Yates, Global Lead: Brand & Retailers at Back Market.

About Edouard Nattée, CEO & founder at Foxintelligence

Edouard Nattée first co-founded and led Westwing France XETRA WEW - Rocket Internet. After working at Amazon and Bain & Company, focussing on retail and private equity sectors, he founded Foxintelligence.

12/14 March 2024 Monaco