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Start-up of Innovation Corner

Innovation Corner is an area dedicated to the most innovative start-ups responding to new needs identified in the e-commerce market.

One to One Monaco once again strengthens its start-up offering thanks to a selection of e-commerce nuggets put forward in the "Innovation Corner" area.

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#1to1Monaco has been supporting innovation for 9 years and hosts the best startups in the industry. You are a nugget of innovation and want to revolutionize the sectors of #tech, #digitalmarketing and #logistics?
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Startups: stories that level up. And up.

Armis, Wynd, Realytics, EzeeWorld, Steerfox or Emarsys and Contentsquare. The common point between these names? They all participated in One to One Monaco for the first time in the innovation corner ...
Armis and Wynd: innovation corner to kit leader. Two start-up tech companies are renewing their One to One Monaco experience and are upgrading to a new offering.
Realitics, Ezeeworld, Steerfox: from innovation corner to module. These companies joined the innovation corner corner in 2018 to renew their participation the following year on an offer more adapted to their new dimension!
Emarsys and Contentsquare: The sponsors of the 2018 edition gather in 2019. Building on the success of the previous editions, these two startups have decided to renew their confidence in One to One Monaco and to sponsor the Monte-Carlo Bay and Marquee of Monaco for the second year in a row. Yet, their story began in #innovationcorner.

Like them, networkez upscale, write your successtory in Monaco, go upmarket.

They joined the Innovation Corner club in Monaco:

Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, providing the highest quality analytics and assigning solutions for companies worldwide.

Baybridgedigital is an innovative global consulting company.

Customer-oriented logistics platform for the management of the first and last kilometers.

Manage all content on a single centered experience platform produced with contentserv

Discover, in a few clicks, what your customers really do through access to your reunified data for the pilotage of your omnicanal.

Satisfactory and usable satisfaction questionnaires.

Make logistics delivery, collection and return faster, more convenient and more environmentally friendly for all. Our technology-centric delivery ecosystem enables the management of processes such as Click & Collect, Pick & Ship-from-store and Click & Reserve.

Transform digital traffic into physical traffic in your outlets

Shippingbo is a logistic e-commerce solution.

Real-time, automated fraud prevention, tailored to your needs.

Key-to-hand solution ikkoé accompanies the brands in customization produced from the web to the production chain.

Accelerator of commercial performances by interactive screens.

Mollie is a payment provider for small and large companies to accept mobile and online payments.

Mr Suricate identifies you bugs on your user scenarios.

OuiFlash is the leading community of image professionals: photographers, videographers, dronists with its solution called Ocus.

Frizbee is a platform for issuing and managing prepaid.

Offers e-commerceers a traceability solution for package.

Threatmetrix, helps businesses prevent online fraud, enhance the customer experience, and boost revenue.

The local marketing solution. Create and update all your profiles in one click, to be visible to your customers and optimize your local SEO.

"A good show that we will do again with pleasure next year"


12/14 March 2024 Monaco