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One to One Podcast by les Digital Doers

After its special series, One to One Monaco continues its exclusive partnership with Les Digital Doers to offer you all year podcasts on the Retail/ Ecommerce sector! Together, we discuss the challenges and prospects for the retail and e-commerce market in France.
More specifically, we address each week 3 major themes with a major player in the sector:
• How has consumer behaviour evolved post Covid,
• How do retailers adapt and continue to adapt,
• And finally, how advertisers can speak in the current context.

Good listening to all of you!

Episode #7 : Lisa Nakam

The story of Lisa Nakam is closely linked to the story of Jonak. Granddaughter of the brand's founder in 1964, his brother Marcel took over the family business in 2012. The goal? Look to the future and maintain the success story of the brand while leaving a large part to digital innovations. With brio! The Parisian brand of fashion shoes for women has grown rapidly in 10 years. By 2020, its points of sale will exceed 100 and its international reach will continue to expand. E-commerce sales channels are an integral part of Jonak's distribution system. As a brand, Lisa takes a strong look at the challenges and perspectives of retail & e-commerce.

Lisa Nakam

Lisa Nakam
Associate General Manager

Episode #6 : Christophe Corfa

Interview of Christophe Corfa, CDO of the famous household appliance brand, Boulanger. We are happy to receive Christophe, to discuss with a guest whose background allows us to claim a very strong retail / e-commerce expertise. It’s a distributor that offers a very unique experience to its consumers.

Christophe Corfa 100x100

Christophe Corfa
Chief digital officer

Episode #5 : Arnaud Molin

As its name suggests, Champmarket is a website for buying champagne online. With over 500 different references, the choice is unique.

Arnaud started his business 10 years ago. His experience in specialized online distribution offers him a unique perspective on the situation of our ecosystem.

Arnaud Molin 100x100

Arnaud Molin
Fondateur & CEO

Episode #4 : Thierry Lernon

Testimonial by Thierry LERNON, Managing Director Marketing, Customer Experience, Data, E-commerce of BUT around the stakes and perspectives of the retail and e-commerce market. 

Program: evolution of post-COVID19 consumer behaviour, agility and adaptation of retailers and advertisers' voices in the current context.

Thierry Lernon

Thierry Lernon
Managing Director Marketing, Customer Experience, Data and E-commerce

Episode #3 : Matthieu Vermot invite Antoine Rigaud 

LE SLIP FRANCAIS, famous DNVB that is no longer necessary to describe. She is represented by her COO, Antoine Rigaud who is the guest of Matthieu Vermot, Sales & Marketing Director of DALENYS, a payment solution serving unified commerce, now a subsidiary of Natixis Payments.

Antoine Rigaud x100

Antoine Rigaud
Le Slip Français

Matthieu Vermot x100
Matthieu Vermot
Sales & Marketing Director

Episode #2 : Julien Callede

Co-founder of, Julien now concentrates his activities in strategic consulting with the big names in retail and also as an investor.
We discuss with him, of course about his career in the famous DNVB of furniture and decoration but above all we discuss the stakes and perspectives of the retail market in France around 3 major themes:

  • How has consumer behaviour evolved post Covid,
  • How retailers adapt and continue to adapt
  • And finally, how advertisers can speak in the current context.

Juline Called 100x100
Julien Called

Episode #1 : François Loviton invites Annabel Chaussat

For this first episode, François Loviton, Retail & Brands Director at Google invites Annabel Chaussat, Marketing & E-commerce Director at FNAC / DARTY with Cyril Artur du Plessis.

They will discuss the vision and understanding of the retail market in France through three main themes:

  • The new consumer behaviour,
  • How retailers adapt and continue to adapt
  • And finally how advertisers can speak out in this new paradigm.

François Loviton 100x100
François Loviton
Retail & Brands Director

Annabel Chaussat 100x100
Annabel Chaussat
Marketing & E-commerce Director

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