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One to One Monaco Podcasts

One to One Monaco is launching a special series in exclusive partnership with Les Digital Doers!

In an unprecedented health context with the Covid19 crisis, how do the players in the #ECommerce and #Retail sector react and evolve?

The subject of this special issue is part of the very special circumstances of the Covid19. The idea is to give a voice to retailers and questioner solutions providers on the impact of the coronavirus business, its operational consequences and finally what this crisis is likely to change structurally for them.

French interviews only for now

As a leading media in the communication, marketing and media sector and in these times of crisis where more than ever we continue to inform our community by implementing appropriate initiatives, it seemed to us totally legitimate to join in One to One on Demand which thanks to this platform makes it possible to maintain this essential link between the various market players during this unprecedented period.


Episode #9 : Faguo - Nicolas Rohr

The eco-responsible company Faguo integrates climate challenges into its development. The brand has a carbon neutral balance. Launched online, the brand has 29 points of sale and is distributed in more than 350 partner stores.

Today, only 10% of its turnover is made online. The current health crisis poses the question of the very survival of its distribution network, the economic situation of which was already greatly weakened.

Nicolas Rohr, co-founder of Faguo, aware of the difficulties of the situation, remains optimistic of those who see the consumers of the future much more committed to mission brands.

Episode #8 : SaaS PARTNERS - Justin Ziegler

Justin Ziegler, co-founder of PriceMinister and host of the investment holding company, SaaS Partners presents the impacts and consequences of COVID-19 on the investment world.

After the stupor and fear linked to the announcement of confinement, reality is resuming. Justin brings up the problems of current fundraising and financing in times of crisis. Even if it is still early to draw lessons on what venture capital is emerging from the crisis, certain avenues have been taken to take shape.

Episode #7 : Advalo - David Le Douarin

The main customers of Advalo, a predictive marketing platform, are retailers and all of them are currently closed

The main challenge for them will be to speak up after the crisis. How are they going to get their message heard in a context where everyone wants to express themselves? How do consumers get this influx of communication from different brands? Elements of response with the testimony of David Le Douarin, co-founder and CEO of Advalo.

Episode #6 : Groupon - Paul Choppin de Janvry

Groupon, a digital platform that drives consumers to local retailers, sees its business heavily impacted in this global health crisis.

Paul Choppin de Janvry, Communication & Business Development Director, remains optimistic: this crisis will accelerate the digitalization of local business. Tomorrow we can easily buy our roast from our neighborhood butcher via the Internet.

Episode #5 : Contentsquare - Jean-Marc Bellaiche

New York-based Jean-Marc Bellaiche, Chief Strategy Officer at Contentsquare, shares the research and analysis results that Contentsquare has performed on its database of more than 5 billion visits across 26 countries.

Thanks to this work, we know much more about the sectors that are exploding (+ 200% for mass distribution in France!) And those who are suffering like travel with a noted drop of 90% in transactions.

Episode #4 : STORES DISCOUNT - Olivier Lefebvre

The day that Amazon announces that it will focus its sales on essentials, Store Discount loses 60% of turnover! On the production side, the 3 factories in Poland are running at only 25% of their capacity, no more deliverers able to deliver the oversized ... what communication to make to customers? How to take into account their situation?

Find the interview with Olivier Lefebvre, founder and CEO of Stores Discount, the leading online store for blinds in the One to One Podcast.

Episode #3 : 3SUISSES - Karine Schrenzel

The current crisis has resulted in an immediate 40% drop in turnover for the 3 Suisses, but since the start of containment the sales figure has started to rise slowly. The logistics tool has been reduced and adapted to health constraints thanks to a united team.

The end of the crisis? Difficult to predict, but the strategic positioning of 3 Suisses towards more "made in France" gives hope for a faster restocking than with foreign suppliers. Does made in France become a gain in competitiveness?

Episode #2 : LAVINIA - Edouard Margain

For the second episode of our special series # COVID19 in partnership, Cyril du Plessis went to meet Edouard Margain, Director of Operation France at Lavina.

Discover his deciphering of the impact that the crisis may have had on his activity with an increase in online sales. Adaptations that predict changes in the future!

Episode #1 : ONE to ONE Monaco - Sonia Mamin

For the first interview, Cyril du Plessis received Sonia Mamin, director of One to One Retail Ecommerce in Monaco. She explains the enormous impact of Covid 19 for her business and how the company has adapted.

Sonia Mamin

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