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Good practices

Faced with the epidemic, One to One Monaco offers you the best solidarity initiatives from our partners and our advertisers.

An initiative taken by your company, to alleviate the current crisis?

Our partners are committed!

Good practices implemented, collaborative and collaborative initiatives… What measures have you taken to deal with this crisis?

TARGET2SELL : The Target2Sell team remains mobilized more than ever! Despite the confinement, the team is united and united. Implementation of a webinar in the coming weeks, we are adapting day by day.
YOULOVEWORDS : Morning of webinars with 6 other partners
DAC GROUP : We have sent free and personalized recommendations to our customers and prospects so that they stay in touch with their target and know how to inform and reassure them, but also highlight their initiatives.
BOTMIND: We interview all of our customers and a large part of our prospects to provide targeted advice and actions
WIZALY: Wizaly (algorithmic attribution solution) supported its clients, on a case-by-case basis, in the arbitration of their media expenses to adapt to exceptional circumstances. The teams are currently mobilized to prepare for the future in terms of investment strategy and optimal system through personalized analyzes and recommendations to support advertisers to restart effectively.
EMARSYS: We have launched a new tool,, to help you understand the global and regional impact of COVID-19 on consumer confidence, e-commerce activity and trends.
YEXT: In order to guarantee brands effective communication with their customers, we offer Yext Answers for free for 90 days. (in English for now, the French version is coming very soon) Would you like to benefit from it or have more info? It's over here:

Did you communicate in these new times with your targets and communities in the press or on social networks? Have you decided to stay in touch more than ever? If yes, how ?

TARGET2SELL: Yes, we support our customers and prospects in this particular period. From next week we will share our studies on online consumption since the Covid-19 crisis.
YOULOVEWORDS: Yes, by organizing an event to bring value to our targets. More info on
DAC GROUP: Yes more than ever, by email (in a personalized way), on Linkedin, and webinar
BOTMIND: By email, also on networks for our prospects
WIZALY: As of Monday 16th, a press release, intended for our customers, was distributed to assure them that our teams were mobilized behind them to guide all their marketing optimization choices. the messages were also relayed on social networks to all of their teams.
EMARSYS: Yes, we continue to communicate by helping our customers and giving insights to decision makers.
YEXT: The Yext team is as close as possible to its customers in these extraordinary times: we organize virtual cafes every week in order to answer all their questions and provide them with good practices in digital marketing. Also, here is the menu of Yext webinars for the past few weeks, dedicated to Digital Marketing, to be enjoyed in replay.


WIZALY | LWizaly white book
EMARSYS | Emarsys CCInsight
BOTMIND | Best practices for customer support in teleworking
SIMILARWEB | Understanding the impact of coronavirus in France
YEXT | Digital communication in an exceptional context, the right answers at the right time | The 10 trends of Search 2020 | The Knowledge Graph, a fundamental issue for the future of SEO
Nexity: The keys to a successful local SEO | Local Marketing and Search: Burger King's Secret Sauce | Reputation Management, when customer reviews rhyme with ROI
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