Retail E-commerce 2nd Act !

Blooming ? What a funny idea. And yet.
Bloom is blossoming and growth, spring and promises ... all that is emerging for a retail / e-commerce entering its second age. Whether it is in the trend book published after Retail Month or during the 10th edition of One to One Monaco in October 2021, we all agree: over the last 10 years the sector has processed its technological revolution and today it has to put people at the heart of everything. This does not sign the end of innovations of course, but it is rather the beginning of a decade which will see the rise of ideas and initiatives where the customer will be placed in f front, where collaboration will be favoured above everything else, and where CSR won't be incidental any more.

This Bloom is a posture, a way of approaching our issues, always with an open mind. We have the clues / premises of a trend or a transformation, let's anticipate and transform them into a virtuous circle, which will create value and be part of the triptych: people, collaboration, CSR. An example: dark stores are popping up on every street corners; what does this say about consumer needs? What are the challenges for retailers and how do they fit into this fast commerce? What are the ecological impacts and what are the sustainable solutions? Another trend: the end of third-party cookies. What is the customer willing to share? What new link(s) between the giants and the players in the trade? How to use this “data event” as a leverage to serve trust and transparency?

You, the One to One community, have a front row seat to see the rise of these low signals that will soon be your hot topics. We, the community host and business facilitator, put our event at your disposal to make these ideas grow, to challenge them, get them out of their comfort zones and get the most out of them. Remember Gaspard Koenig who went back to a few fundamentals last October: the strength of the trade in building our societies and our social relations, the importance of freewill or even the - limited - responsibility of companies in the education of children...

This is how we understand Bloom: 3 days in Monaco, together, to continue to serve the market growth and define the breeding ground for ecommerce retail for the next 10 years.

We look forward to seeing you, for the start of Spring, from the 15th to 17th of in Monaco to explore the promises of Commerce.

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